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Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 Quick and easy Ritz Cracker appetizers

When you want to make some appetizers in a hurry, grab a box of Ritz Crackers and get creative. Not the creative type? Read on for six quick and easy Ritz cracker appetizer ideas that will take no more than a few minutes to make.

Now available in six varieties, you can find everything from Whole Wheat Ritz to Roasted Vegetable Ritz; simply choose your favorite and get started!

  1. Ritz with brie & marmalade
    To save time, pick up a package of sliced brie cheese. Place one slice of bread on the Ritz cracker and top with a dollop of marmalade or jam in whatever flavor you choose.

  2. Ritz Caprese
    Top your Ritz with a slice of mozzarella, tomato, and basil.

  3. Ritz with prosciutto & melon
    Slice prosciutto and melon (ripe honeydew or cantaloupe) into Ritz-sized pieces and place atop crackers.

  4. Ritz with chutney
    Simply buy any pre-made chutney and top your Ritz with them.

  5. Ritz with peanut butter & jelly
    Perfect for a back-to-school bash, this old school favorite is a favorite for a reason.

  6. Ritz sandwich
    Place a bite of sliced turkey and a bit of American cheese between two Ritz crackers for easy Ritz sandwiches.
Of course, if Ritz isn't your cracker of choice you can try Melba toast (holds up to heartier fare), Town House (a personal favorite), or any other simple brand of cracker. Enjoy!

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