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Friday, September 24, 2010

5 easy DIY place card ideas

When prepping for your next dinner party, know that you can make simple place cards in a matter of minutes. Here are five ideas for do-it-yourself cards that will keep everyone organized.
  1. Write guests' names on small index cards and prop in front of a bright piece of fruit at each place setting.

  2. If you're expecting leftovers or an abundance of dessert items, write each guest's name on a takeout container, tie a quick piece of ribbon around the container's handle, and set it in front of the place setting. Guests will know where to sit and have easy access to a doggie bag!

  3. Buy pre-made diecuts (that match your party theme) from a local craft store (or Etsy). Then, simply write a guest's name on each one and place them appropriately.

  4. Want your place cards to do double duty as party favors? Tie a simple tag with the guest's name to a jar of jam, a bag of cookies or candy, a small candle, or other easy favor. (For more ideas on DIY favors, check out 15 Party favors you can make in 15 minutes.)

  5. Another place card/party favor idea? Find tiny potted plants, then stick labels in the dirt. On one side of the label, name the plant, on the other, the name of the guest.