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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get your bathroom party-ready in 15 minutes

Whether you're simply busy with other aspects of party planning, or you find yourself suddenly expecting guests, getting your bathroom clean enough for company should take a mere 15 minutes. Here's how to do it:

Gather supplies. (2 minutes)
Grab disinfecting wipes (the 15-Minute Party Planner likes Clorox-brand wipes), a toilet brush, clean linens, a candle, and a basket of some sort and bring them to the bathroom.

Remove unnecessary items. (2 minutes)
This includes dirty towels and bathmats, extra magazines, and any medications or supplies you don't want to hanging around during the party. Put the extra supplies in the basket and throw the laundry in a hamper.

Clean the toilet. (2 minutes)
If you use a toilet brush with a disposable head (again, the 15-Minute Party Planner prefers Clorox Toilet Wands), clean up is quick. Plus, the head includes a disinfectant and it can be thrown away after use, doing away with the need to keep a drippy toilet brush stored in your bathroom.

Wipe down surfaces. (4 minutes)
Disinfecting wipes are quick and easy for cleaning. Simply wipe down all the surfaces in your bathroom: the mirror, counter tops, sink, door handles, toilet (top, handles, exterior), tub, and shower curtain (if it's not made out of fabric). You're not deep cleaning here, you're simply killing germs and making the bathroom look presentable.

Air out the bathroom. (1 minute)
Crack open a window and light a candle. You don't have to leave the window open long, nor the candle burning all night, but both will help to freshen your bathroom.

Replace linens and supplies. (2 minutes)
Hang new towels and replace the bathmat if necessary. Make sure soap dispensers are full. Replace any close-to-empty rolls of toilet paper. It's also nice to leave additional toilet paper and tissues where they are easily accessible for party guests.

Stash the clutter. (2 minutes)
If you'll be returning magazines and prescriptions to the bathroom after your guests leave, simply stash the basket of extras in a closet until the party is over. Then, you'll have easy access to everything once everyone leaves. You'll also want to empty the trash, so that the room is fresh when guests arrive.

VoilĂ ! A clean bathroom in hardly any time at all!

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